Our key markets.

Having spent decades learning the intricacies of the banking and financial services sectors, we are uniquely positioned to understand the qualities that specific roles require – and why a certain candidate will be just the right fit.

  • Project Services,
    Business Transformation
    & Change Management.

    With over 45 years combined experience recruiting in the projects space both internationally and domestically, Lanson Partners have a proven capability in finding roles for people in the following areas/role types:

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  • Product & Design

    We have intimate knowledge of the product and design market, supporting Banking, Financial Services, Fintech & Technology clients over the past 10 years to appoint people into the following roles:

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  • Strategy

    We work with strategy professionals looking to embark on careers into the Banking & Financial Services sector, aligning career aspirations with opportunities that enable a smooth transition from consulting. Working with group, business unit and other strategy functions across the sector, we place people into the below role types:

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  • Cyber Security

    We understand that each and every role within Cyber Security is different and often extremely hard to find the right person for. That’s where we can help. We have the track record, relationships and market knowledge to access the best talent in this highly competitive segment. The types of roles we specialise in include:

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  • Risk & Compliance

    With over 20 year’s experience working with domestic and global financial institutions through several international economic cycles, we have intimate knowledge of corporate needs and industry benchmark’s within our specialist Risk and Compliance practice. We are vastly experienced at delivering retained and contingent search and selection assignments across:

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  • Accounting & Finance, and Finance Transformation

    For over 10 years we have worked with domestic and international financial institutions, large and small within the key function of Accounting and Finance. We understand that Accounting and Finance underpins the performance of all companies large and small, and it is increasingly important to align commercial outcomes with accurate insights and reporting. The functions we support are:

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  • Treasury

    We have intimate knowledge of the growing importance of a financial institution’s Treasury function. We understand the quantitative nature of this environment, and the need to drive strategic decisions across financial institutions, which Treasury has a unique ability to do. For over 10 years we have supported opportunities across:

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  • Data, BI & Analytics

    Leveraging information to make data-driven decisions is now key to business success. Attracting talent that not only fulfills technical requirements for a role, but also possess strong commercial acumen is our speciality. The types of roles we specialise in are:

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  • Technology – Engineering

    In today’s digital world, technology is now at the core of any business. Finding quality engineers who can produce scalable software solutions, communicate with customers in an agile fashion and build high quality programmes are hard to find. This is where our engineering team step in. We specialise in:

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  • Sales & Marketing

    Over 15 years of experience working in the Digital & Tech world of Sales & Marketing. We understand that sales and marketing play a crucial role in the digital and technology industry, as they are vital for driving growth and success. Sales teams are responsible for building relationships, identifying customer needs, and closing deals, while marketing teams drive brand awareness, generate leads, and create compelling content to engage and educate potential customers. The types of roles we recruit specialise in include:

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What makes us different?

We work with a wide range of people.

Our clients include major financial institutions, emerging fintech companies, and everyone in between. In terms of candidates, we work with people at varying career stages – which means we can build relationships that stand the test of time.

We never make empty promises.

Honesty and transparency are everything to us. So, when we say we’ll do something, rest assured we will do it (and quickly). We believe that our past success has hinged on our truthfulness and integrity – and our future will depend on this too.

We take the time to get to know you.

A resume or LinkedIn profile can never tell you everything you need to know about a person. So, wherever possible, we meet our candidates before we even consider putting them forward for a role. How else can we know for sure they’re the right fit for a client or business (and vice versa)?

Your next steps.

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